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So I haven't posted since... like before Prom last year. Woooww. Well, I think I am going to ISU next year, or CoD. I haven't really decided. And, if I go to ISU i can transfer from my Noodles&co to the one in Normal, IL! So I'd still have a job. That'd be nice, then I wouldn't be so fucking broke. Leah is going there, and Scott, and Ryan. And probably I whole lot of people but It'd be awesomeee. I miss Livejournal, I wish more people would use it. It use to be the coolest thing everrr. Hello facebook!


ey ye ye.

prom week is ridiculous. I don't know how much longer i can take! I haven't updated in a while, though i have spent most of my time on the computer [or looking for a job >.<] I am pretty excited for prom none the less, it's just a lot of work that i usually don't have to deal with haha. Dockers is sitting in my lap right now, I think he has been attention deprived today, poor baby.

i love LJ icons.
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serena and darien

whatever you want it to be

I can't stop reading Twilight it is so so so so good and I don't even know why! I change my layout. Pretty damn sweet right? I love jaejoong. So anyhow, my mom isn't home so  I decided to eat ice cream for breakfast. It's one of the best ideas I've had in ages. Serena and Darien are my icon for this post because they are true love d00d. The phone keeps ringing off the hook and I have no idea why because I am not answering. I wish more people went on livejournal now adays.

well that's about as cool as i get.

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*is excited for The Warriors party*

I'm going as a Lizzie.  Pretty sweet  eh?
Then tomorrw I am hanging out with Megz before she leaves for Michigan.
And now i am waiting for Leah's very slow ass to get a move on and come get me!

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Hello Livejournal. I haven't writen in you for soooo long ^_^. Basically, because no one really goes on you anymore. Well, today I stayed home from school cus i had a headache when i woke up, and I am super lazy. Apprently I missed Amanda singing in creative writing today.. DAMMIT! Nate says people recorded it, so I basically can't wait to see it tomorrow. I watched one tree hill this morning, it was totally awesome. I fucking love that show. Lucas and Peyton forever! Even though I still like Peyton and Jake; he probably isn't coming back, BUT THAT'D BE DAMN AWESOME IF HE DID! I am drinking a coke from China, it's damn good. I met this boy who likes coke a lot, I kind of like him but, he's going to the military next year, so screw that. Seems like everyone is going far away. I'll miss them all. I don't know what i'll do next year without my senior friends. Imma miss Cassie so much. She comes back from Michigan today! thank goodness. I probably won't write in this much, but if i pretend i am famous and people actually care about how my day went and read this, i'll write in it. mmm  I think i'll go look at some more cool Post Secrets on google images.

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Ice Ice baby

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General Information
Name: Carly ann
Age: 14
Location: UK
Loves: reading, writing, playing soccer, listening to music and being with my friends.
Loathes: annoying people, basically.

Opinions - write as much as you can
George Bush: Well, I could go on and on about how much I hate him and how much we shouldn't of gone into Iraq but that would be a waste of time becuase we can't go back in time and change all that, (though i'm sure if we could, we would). But, basically, I disagree with alot of his views, well actually ALL his views. I am a strong demacrat and always have been. I enjoy polotics.
Sex before marriage: Honestly it isn't really my place, nor anyones, to tell them who and when they can have sex or not. Personly, I would have sex before marriage if I felt I was ready and really felt that I was in love. That's that.
Abortion: Pro-choice. We were born with the right of choice (Amendment I of the Constitution)and we shall excerize that right. No one should be forced to carry out a pregnacy they do not want. And for those of you who think abortion is murder, it's not. Murder is when a living being kills another, correct? Well, if that's so, then when we cut down trees that is murder. When we go hunting, that tis murder. But obviously, those things aren't murder. why? becuase they don't have feeling, a soul, like us. They don't have emotion. And a fetus does not have a emotion. Therefore, it is not a murder. Aslo, I hate when people say that they are pro-life with the exepction of rape. It doesn't work that way. First off, it is hard enough to prove that they were raped. That just makes everything even more complicated. And see, this is already long enough.
Drinking and Drugs:Not gonna lie here, I smoke weed. It's not like I'm addicted or anything. I just do, alot of people do. I don't really see anyting wrong with it. I mean, if we met and you told me that you are an achohalic or that you are addicted to meth I really wouldn't treat you any differnt nor would I look down on you more. It is just a part of who you are and so that is that.
Gay Marriage:Love is love. But I know this has to do alot with religion and I don't really want to get into that.
Lindsay VS Hilary: I could care less.
Religion: I'm agnostic. Religoin is a hard thing for me, considering God took my father away to years ago. It's hard for me to see there being one, but at the same time I know that there is a greater power out there someone. I can not say which religion is right and which is wrong becuaes honestly I don't know. No one knows. So we fight eacother, we murdered eacother, just about religoin, which is suppose to be this peaceful and holy thing. If you ask me, nowadays, we have corrupted our religions.

Movies: Harry Potter, Thumbsucker, Closer, Anastsia, The United States of Leland, Donnie Darko, The Chumbscrubber, About A Boy, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.
Books: I love books. Harry potter. Crank. The Perks of being a Wallflower. Diary. This much I know is true. The Da Vinci code. Angels and Demons. The Contortionist's Handbook. House of Leaves. Etc.
Music: Image Hosted by

Quote to live by: Love isn't something I should take, is it? I just didn't want to lose you.

What's the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you? hmm, well once for Homecoming a guy came to my house at like midnight one night and had a radio. He put it over his head outside my window and played a song that we both loved. it was so cute!

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not currently, just broke up in fact.

Do you still go to school? If not, what do you do for a living? Yes, High school.

How did you hear about p_i_n_k_i_c_e? A differnt community.

What's your dream life? To write a novel, marry Rupert Grint, have kids. Make a meaning of my life.

What does you username mean? it's from Pirates of the Caribbean, "Sticks and stones, love"

What's your most embarassing moment? depants. thong. gym. I think you can put it together.

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well yeah. that's me.
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